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28 November 2009 @ 11:40 pm
You're Beautiful has ended...  
Now it's over... My favorite drama has ended and closed it's doors... I'm really upset about this... About the drama ending so soon and the fact that the ending wasn't what I expected... Okay if you look at it that Taekyung was finally able to confess his feelings to Minyu, but still it's not what I expected. I thought that the ending would be something else, but it ended this way... Of course I'm happy that Minyu and Taekyung was in the last scene and she received the necklace, but I was waiting for a dramatic ending kiss which didn't happen. Just a hug in the concert... I mean what the hell?!?!? This is Korean drama we're talking about! Usually they all end with passionate kisses and forever love, but Minyu was still leaving to Africa to work as a nun there. *sighs*

I still have to admit that I love the drama to death with all it's flaws... I loved the casting and I think they made an awesome job at the processing of the story ^^ BOF was a little too slow at times which was kinda stupid because they could have just made it 16 to 20 episodes long and leave out all the pointless ranting... I think YB was a really good example of well planned work ^^ The drama was never boring though I didn't like Uee's character one bit and Taekyung's mom was really a bitch sometimes. Sorry for the use of language ^^

I'm not pleased, but I'm still happy... Shinhye's and Geunseok's pair in the drama really became my OTP at the moment and I might actually write a story about them in the future ^^ But yeah I'm just not pleased, but still happy. At least now I can go and watch Coffee Prince again to celebrate actor Gong Yoo's return!!! Yay!!! I loved that drama to death and I'm glad that he's coming back. I hope he makes another drama with Yoon Eun Hye again ^^ They make such a great on screen couple ^^ But yeah I'll rewatch when I get back home ^^

Congrats to 2PM winning Music Bank and Music Core this weekend!!!! ^^ *throws confetti* I'm really glad that they've been frank about missing Jaebum which really melts my heart ^^ Congrats!!! ^^

Anyway I'm going to bed now and hopefully I'll update my journal with something nice in the future ^^

G'night~ <3
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